Towel Lift to Strengthen your Erection and Grow Your Peni

Many of you may have heard about this exercise before. This is a technique that targets your PC muscles. With stronger PC muscles you will be able to extend longer in length but the primary benefit gained is a rock hard cock, controlling ejaculation as well as having more intense orgasms with longer firing range due to stronger contractions. To put it simply, a strong PC give you more control and power of your penis.

Exercises to grow your penis specifically target 3 areas to maximize growth:

1) Strengthening your PC muscles.

2) Lengthening your penis

3) Increasing girth or thickness.

Presenting “The Towel Lift”. Requirements: 1) light wash cloth 2) 15 minutes of “alone time”.


Towel Lift

It is VERY important to warm up your penis before attempting ANY penis exercises. You can get away with 3 sets of 10 kegles which will fire up your PC muscle (Flex 10 times then rest. Repeat 3 times)

Step #1: Get that penis to stand at attention (full erection) and get ready to grow your penis!

Step #2: Wash cloth goes on top of and near the base of your erect penis.

Step #3: LIft the towel as much as you can by flexing your penis and then relax. The towel should only lift a little before coming back to the position you started in.

* Try to get up to 3 sets of 25 reps every second day. If you get tired or got no more flex power it’s ok to start at a lower amount of reps to avoid straining your muscle. Within a few weeks your stamina will build up and you should easily get up to the recommended amount of reps.

Once you are up to speed with this exercise you should feel the difference in your erection strength and possibly size-although I think you will need add jelqing exercises to notice a difference in size.

When making an effort to grow your penis make sure you trust the source of your information and if something doesn’t feel right-don’t do it. Risking injury to your penis is NOT something you want to do! Any of these exercises posted on this website have been recommended or found in the award winning site I have grown to love.

For a multitude of exercises and targeted workout routines to grow your penis click HERE.

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