6 Common Penile Injuries Caused by Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement for the vast majority of users is a very positive experience. For someone to change the size of their penis from below average to above average can have a huge positive change on their life.

A number of men who have tried different enhancement methods I’m sure have tales to tell of the penis enlargement session that didn’t quite go to plan and perhaps resulted in an injury.

The most important thing is that no matter what your doing read the instructions carefully and follow it correctly otherwise you can damage yourself. You need to be sensible.

If the traction device says it should be put on a certain way this is the way that you must put it on then put it on this way, if the pills your taking say take 1 a day, then only take 1 a day. If the exercise program comes with its guidelines then make sure you follow the guidelines exactly. There is no place for experimenting.

The exercises due to their nature if not done properly can lead to injuries especially due to the fact that they are being performed on a sensitive area. They need to be done exactly as they are suppose to be done and done for the right amount of time. Injuries due to incorrectly performed exercises can be grouped into a variety of categories.

Please remember that 99% of the time these will only occur if you perform the exercises incorrectly or fail to follow the given guidelines.

#1 Little Red Spots

Little red spots aren’t exactly an injury however sometimes they can startle someone if they weren’t expecting it. If you are concentrating on girth work allot you may get tiny little red spots on the shaft and head of the penis. As long as they are very tiny this is nothing to worry about them . They will disappear with time or by applying a hot wrap.

#2 Bruising

Bruising can occur if you are not careful during exercises, often occurring from heaving banging or hanging to long and tight with no break (again not following guidelines). If you bruise your penis you need to take time off to let it heal. Treatment consists of rest/time, hot wrap or soak and the application of ‘arnica’ to the penis. If they are really bad, you may want to see a doctor

#3 Rashes

The main cause of rashes is due to lack of lubrication while performing the milking exercises. A rash may be a smallish red area or in extreme cases may be more like a burn. Skin creams or ointments should be applied to alleviate the rash and exercises should be stopped until it heals.

#4 Edema

Edema is a swelling of the penis tissues (or any other tissues for that matter) which is filled with excess lymph fluid that looks like a watery blister. This injury is quite common among those who perform the Jelq and are too hard on their penis. Edemas are easily treated by covering the area with warm cloths in order to increase the circulation of fluids and help the surrounding tissues drain the swelling. A period of rest is also highly recommended, as is observation of the correct penis enlargement techniques.

Months of penis enlargement exercises result in a huge increase in the amount of blood that reaches the penis. The need to handle the sudden jump in the flow of blood forces the veins and arteries located in the penis to increase in size. They also become more prominent and can easily be seen lining the skin. This is a perfectly normal occurrence and men should not worry about it. It may look a bit unsightly, but if the partner’s not complaining, then everything is fine.

The higher than normal blood supply also leads to a condition known as Hemosiderin. Frequent small scale bleeding under the skin leaves the intracellular space filled with hemoglobin. Therefore, the penis skin takes on a darker hue than the surrounding skin. If this situation makes you uneasy, then you should discuss it with a doctor. Otherwise, a topical ointment or lotion containing the vitamin B-5 will help you return the penis skin to its natural color.

Since the veins play a key role in the penis enlargement process, broken veins and thrombosis are the bane of any man determined to improve his sex life. The high pressure exerted by the high blood flow and the squeezing or stretching involved by exercises or traction often proves enough to break the walls of blood vessels, causing subcutaneous bleeding and pain. It’s also likely that the stress of exercises should result in the formation of a clot inside a blood vessel. This situation is known as thrombosis. Both broken veins and thrombosis are painful injuries that require the application of warm towels or compresses in order to help the healing. Rest from penis enlargement activities and following the rules next time is also mandatory.

#5 Sensation of Pain

The sensation of pain caused by ligaments and tissues undergoing stretching, squeezing or pressing. Pain may be felt in the penis, in the ligaments that for its base or in the fat pad that surrounds the base. Penis pain is usually the result of stretching or squeezing, depending on the type of penis enlargement method used. Traction devices tend to cause either pain in the penis itself because of the stretching or in the fat pad and pelvic area, against which the device is pushing. The pain is also perfectly normal and should not worry users unless it becomes a frequent occurrence, in which case rest and trips to the doctor are recommended.


#6 Broken Penis

Although very rare we have heard of it happening. To break your penis a severe trauma to your erection is needed which results in rupturing the tunica. Most often people who break their penis’s do so during sex when a man while thrusting pulls out and then misses the vagina. It causes intense pain and bruising, requiring surgery to fix it.

The Bottom Line

A lot of men have curved penises, which they are trying to straighten through penis enlargement devices or exercises. Others develop curvatures during the penis enlargement process. Curvatures can be easily countered and reduced by frequently stretching the penis in the opposite direction. Make this a part of your daily routine if you wish to straighten your penis.

Achieving a correct grip on the penis, identifying the best position for a traction device or knowing how much lubrication should be applied can be quite difficult propositions for an inexperienced man. This is why many men develop rashes, blisters, lesions or patches of hardened skin. These are the visible marks of incorrect penis enlargement and can be quite painful in certain cases. Getting rid of them involves a suspension of penis enlargement activities, at least in the area where the problem has occurred, and individual research into what caused the problem and how it can be prevented in the future.

If you want to make your penis bigger with your hand, then check this article please!

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