Pelvic Floor Exercises and Size

There are several pelvic floor exercises that can be performed that promise to provide sexual benefits. The purpose of pelvic floor muscle exercises is to increase the ability for a guy to control his ejaculations and become a better lover. These techniques are not fool proof and are not going to solve any serious problems with ejaculation. The hope of the exercises for pelvic floor is to give a little extra time for the guy to relax and control his sexual urges. By doing this, the floor exercises are a part of a great program to prolong the sexual excitement for the man and the woman.

The main muscles of the pelvic floor control the slight movement of the penis and more importantly, they allow a guy to control his urine stream. The urine is not controlled by the penis, the amount of urine that comes out is actually under the control of the different muscles deep in the pelvis. That is why there is always a little bit of dripping when a guy urinates because some of the urine is still in the urethra and will drip out. The pelvic floor muscles can be exercised by focusing on holding back urine. This should be done in a series of tension and relaxation to make the muscle stronger. The recommended technique is to practice when a guy is peeing. He should attempt to stop the flow and then restart the flow. He can also modulate the stream. Some times the urine should comes out strongly and other times the urine can be produced with a weak stream. As a guys gets better, he will be able to control the stream greatly. This type of control can then be applied to the ejaculation as well. If a guy can control his urine stream, he is likely to be able to control the semen as well. In this way the exercises for the pelvic floor will be able to help the guy to achieve a better sex life.

One of the other benefits is that a guy will get from these exercises is that he will get better control over his mind and body. By practicing the withholding technique, his a mind ability is also going to be improved. The refocusing of the mind off of the sexual experience can make a guy last longer and have better sex. This is the true key to lasting longer. There is not pelvic floor exerciser that can help with this. Sometimes it does not matter how good a guy is at holding back the ejaculate, it is going to come out. Other times it would be painful to prevent at guy from producing sperm. Therefore the guy should practice exercises for pelvic floor not just for the physical benefit, but for the psychological as well. The combined effort of pelvic floor exercises and psychological control will have the best effect.

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