Jelqing Exercises Is The #1 Of All Penis Exercises In How To Make Your Penis Bigger

Before spending time and effort to follow the jelqing exercises, many guys have a concern whether jelqing exercises work to increase their penis size or not. Well, this is quite understandable. People are skeptical partly because there are quite a lot of scam available and many of them have lost money or suffer from such scam before. Don’t worry guys, you will find the right answer, right here, right now.

How to Do the jelqing exercises?

The technique most men follow begins by using a warm compress or wash cloth to warm up the penis before beginning the jelq exercises. This method then requires him to exercise the smooth muscles and tissues of the penis by wrapping one’s thumb and index finger around the erect penis and moving it away from the body. This process is sometimes called milking, as the two motions are very much alike. This procedure is believed to cause a growth in penis size by stimulating vascularity. After the exercises are finished, the male typically uses the compress or wash cloth again, as this resembles the natural biological process of the penis during sex. If one follows these steps carefully and does not overdo the exercises or put an inordinate amount of pressure on the penis, he should not have any problems during or after the exercises.

However, one should be very careful, as there are sometimes harmful or uncomfortable side effects that may arise if the jelq exercises are done too frequently or too roughly.

These include bursting blood vessels in the penis, raised bumps or a rash on the penis, erectile dysfunction, bleeding from the urethra, and eventually infections and other serious or long-term problems.

One should discuss jelqing or any type of penis enlargement procedure with his physician before engaging in these activities. He should be sure that his doctor explains how to jelq correctly, if it is advisable for him to do so at all. Many doctors do not believe penis enlargement is a possible, so if this is a topic important to an individual, he should find a doctor that is willing to help him explore penis enlargement possibilities and techniques. In some cases, finding a holistic doctor, a plastic surgeon, or a specialist may be necessary in order to seek out treatments and to achieve desired results.

How The Jelqing Technique Helps Increase Penis Size?

The exercises will make the penis chambers grow bigger so it can hold more blood when erect, thats why the penis will be bigger. With that said, the jeqing technique will not help you much in case you want to increase the length but a very good way to increase the radius.

There are many people have been applying this method and the result is very positive. However, as this method is completely natural, you cannot expect to see the result overnight. In normal case, it will take some weeks before you can see 1 to 2 inches will be added to the penis size. This number is based on the average result, it will take more time or less in specific cases.

When applying the Jelqing technique, its very important that you don’t loose your eagerness. It would be hard to keep doing the exercises over and over again for weeks, even months. However, its the nature of natural method. It will take time, a lot of it, but its always the safest and most trusted therapy.

When applying the Jelqing technique, you dont need to use any special equipment. Your hands, a towel, some lubrication will be enough to get started.

Does Jelqing Exercise Work?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for that question. Though science has long answered does jelqing work with a definitive no, researchers are beginning to discover that these types of exercises can cause growth changes in the smooth muscle and the arterial structure of the penis. The accounts of males who have tired jelqing on their own tend to be varied, with some reporting a growth in penis length, particularly when the penis is erect, and others reporting no change. Measuring oneself before and after a period of jelqing is the only real way for one to know if the exercises are affecting his body. It is always best, however, for males to steer clear of pills and supplements that claim to increase penis size, as these are almost guaranteed to be fraudaulent and may even be dangerous to one’s health. With a doctor’s approval, a man may try jelqing exercises on his own.

The Vital Things You Need To Know When Doing Jelqing Exercises

Performing the jelqing exercises is not hard. In fact, its very easy to do. However, there are something you need to know before exercising in order to prevent some unwanted damage to your penis.

1. Lubrication is a must
In the Jelqing exercises, the lubricant is very important for you to prevent the potential damage. Many people have used soap or shampoo to lubricate the penis. This is a very dangerous thing to do. Soap and shampoo contain high level of NaOH, which will irritate your skin and possibly damage the penis when it dry out. The more you use such products, the higher the risk.

It would be ideal if you can get a lotion that does not contain alkali. These type of lubricant will cause no damage, and even when you go fast, it will not make your skin dry out.

2. Patience, is another must
Lets face this, the jelqing exercises are the natural solution and you cannot expect the overnight effect. The average period of time for you to see the increase in penis size is around 2 to 4 weeks. However, this is just an average stat, it may take longer or shorter in your case. The most important thing is never lose your heart and keep doing jelqing exercises on daily basis.

3. Another must is diet
Many guys think that what you eat does not affect your effort in increasing penis size. In fact, diet plays a huge role and whether you get the desired size or not, it depends on how and what you eat. As in most cases, drinking alcohol, smoking are things you need to stay away. Besides, when exercising, you lose a lot of cell. Providing enough vitamins and mineral is very important for quick recovery. You can ask your doctor for the possible of taking vitamin pills to provide enough vitamins for the recovery.

Conclusion of Jelquing Exercises

I have come across a slew of jelqing variations and techniques that show you how to make your penis bigger. This discovery was made after perusing through the various penis exercises in the numerous custom-made workouts Penis Advantage offers. After months of videos, articles and websites that shared similar info I was surprised to see that they had so many different types of jelqing penis exercises. I’m not sure if I should tell you ALL of the techniques but…I guess the worst that can happen is they make me take this page down.

Well… Here they are. The Dry Jelq, Wet Jelq, PC Dry Jelq duos, Vulcan Jelqs, Dry Milking, Wet Milking, Gap Jelqs, Super Wet Jelqing, Super Dry Jelqing,… I believe I may have missed some but when you talk specifics about how to increase girth these account for about half of the penis exercises associated with girth and how to make your penis bigger.

Maybe I’m being naive, but I have to say that if Penis Advantage is responsible for the birth of such penis exercises, they have some brilliant minds working on how to make your penis bigger! After years of pursuing this topic it’s hard to say what product is the best but NOT hard to tell you what works and what doesn’t. I can say without a doubt is that Penis Exercises work. It just takes a fucking long time… but it definitely works.

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