Penis Exercises To Make It Bigger

Do I really need to exercise My Penis?

Your penis is no different from any other part of your body, if it’s not constantly being stimulated, challenged or exercised, it will become weaker and weaker over time. This is similar to the “Use it or lose it”. As you age you lose your penis strength, size and staying power sexually. The average man by the time he is near his 50’s has lost about half an inch in length compared to when he was in his 20’s. This doesn’t have to happen. Because most men don’t exercise their penises short of the usual sexual romp, they lose what they have as they age.

You don’t have to lose anything as you age, and can actually GAIN as you age. Doing the Stretching, PC Flexing and Jelqing exercises you can keep your penis in super shape, preventing any deterioration or loss of stamina and potency over time. AND you can GAIN! That part is almost unbelievable but it is quite true.

When Do I See Results?

To see verifiable results in size, erection and strength gains, you should set your target of about 4 months of daily religious exercise. After about 3-4 months if you have not been skipping any of the days you should be exercising and you have been exercising religiously, you should have a MINIMUM of 1 to 2 inches gain in length and girth.

This is just the bare minimum to expect, many, many men see much better results, although a variety of factors play a part in how large you grow. A few factors to keep in mind are your body structure, how much rest you get, if you engage in any other bodily exercise to help keep you healthy, and if you eat right, along with taking vitamins and minerals.

You might be saying, “Well, 4+ months is a long time to wait to see results”. At first glance yes. But think, if you really can gain an extra 2+ inches (or more) on your penis, that alone could make the difference between you being average, or “hung”!

Four months from now your penis will definitely not be any bigger if you don’t do anything, and that’s a fact.

And it’s a fact that as you keep aging the sad truth is your penis deteriorates and ages with you. There is no easy way out of taking the necessary steps and exercising, but after you make it a daily routine you won’t have to think about it much and it will seem just like brushing your teeth in the morning, which is another simple routine you probably have incorporated into your daily grind. After doing something (anything) once a day for around 14-20 days it becomes a habit, firmly engrained in your mind, and it will be much easier to do on a daily basis.

Do the program, and keep a positive attitude. YOU are in control of your destiny, and even if at the end of 6 months you only get an extra full 2” in length or girth, is it worth it? You bet it is! You won’t have to watch your sexual stamina and penile strength drop as you age, something most men can’t avoid. Give this Penile Development Program a firm try, put your best foot forward and take what’s yours! You owe it to yourself to at least see how large your penis can get!

The most important thing to remember is that consistency is key. It’s THE MOST important thing to successful PE. You have to be dedicated to the task at hand. Without consistent, It will prone to injury, & lacked gains.

Most people preach the 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off. Which means, you do PE for 3 days then take a day off, then you do 2 days on and another day off. But personally, I went with another type of routine. My routine is more like this: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday are my “on” days. Wednesday, and the weekend I don’t do anything. It’s been working great for me. You shouldn’t workout every day, since your penis needs to rebuild itself to get bigger. Not giving it enough time to rebuild itself is just like taking a step forward and two steps back. It’ll hurt your results. So even though your in a hurry to make those gains, stick to the days your put as your “on” days and ONLY those days.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

The first exercise called the PC flex. It’s probably one of the more help full exercises in PE since it’s the exercise that gives you those rock-hard erections. These exercises train, well, your PC muscle.

What muscle is that? Well have you ever stopped been peeing and stopped so you could hear what your drunk friend was saying outside the door, or just stopped peing in the middle of the act?

Well the PC was responsible for that. So do what you did to stop your flow, come on, do it now…You should feel a squeeze from under your package and in front of your anus. That’s where the PC is, and you just basically did a PC flex!

Now how easy was that?! So now, since your just starting, your PC needs to become stronger, and we do that one step at a time.

Alright, here’s what you do: Do these flexes for 5 min during your first week. You can do them whenever, wherever you like. I do them sitting at work in front of my computer. You don’t need to have a hard-on to do these. After that first week, raise it to 10 min; 3rd week, 20 min & 4th week, 30 min. From now on you don’t need to add any more minutes. Always do 30 min from now on.

I used to do them for an hour, but I developed back pains, but now, no pain, all gain. Only do PC flexes on your on days, it also needs rest to become stronger. In no time, you’ll have hard as hell erections, and you could learn to control your ejaculations. Which is something for another article all-together. Doing ONLY this exercise could give you gains in your girth from the increased blood flow. Not a lot tough, since you need to do other exercises to stretch to allow more blood in and create more places for blood to go in.

The second exercise is the basis of all the length exercises, the Long Schlong. This is pretty easy to do. Just grab your penis under the head with an OK grip. An ok grip is just making an “O” with your thumb and index finger.

So do that and stretch in front of you and hold it there for 15 Seconds. After that massage. Now repeat this for every direction: Up, Down, Left, Right, Straight out. Make sure you massage in between every rep.

Do 4 sets in all directions. Don’t pull too hard until you feel pain though, you should only pull until you feel a good stretch.

We don’t want you to go injuring your favorite member now do we? Oh and if your having a hard time getting a good grip on your soldier, I use toilet paper. If you can find something softer which still gives you a good grip, then go for it. I’ve even heard of people using boxers.

Even though I can’t see how well that can work… You may start to get an erection since it’s your first time. It can be annoying, but don’t sweat it, it’s happened to EVERYONE. Just give it time and that’ll go away.

Next up, the basis of all PE, the Jelq. This is mainly go girth, you’ll be using this pretty much throughout your PE journey.

For this exercise you should use lubrication. Preferably water based. Baby oil is a good choice or Stives moisturizer but might switch to baby oil after my supply runs out.

You’ll be using lubrication for most of your girth work, so you should get some before you start.  You should always do your girth exercises after your stretching exercises for this reason, since you’ll probably have a hard time grabbing your head and getting a good grip if it’s lubricated.

Now, for the exercise, first off, get yourself an 80% erection. I usually know I’m at around 80% when I’m hard but I can still bend it pretty easily. Once you’ve got that taken care of, make an OK grip at the base and slide it up towards the head. This should take about 2-3 secs. Make sure your pushing the blood and not just the skin.

Now when your up at the head, switch hands and start again. Do 25 of these in your first week. Then, each week, add another set of 25. Continue like this until you reach 200 jelqs, which should be around the end of your second month. Remember to always massage after each set. This’ll help prevent injury.

The last important thing to talk about is the Warm up and Warm down. For the warm up, before you start the Long Schlong, take a hot towel and wrap it on your penis for about 3 mins. It’s that simple. For the warm down, you can either do the warm towel again, or you can do what I do and take a bath or a shower. They all work. Some have developed fancier ways to warm up.

And there you go! Those are the basic exercises that most people do in their first month of Penis enlargement. Now go start so you can marvel at the effects of these techniques.


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