How To Get a Bigger Penis (3 inches)

I’ve studied enlargement for over four years in my quest for a larger penis. AND, in the last two years I’ve been able to add 3 ˝ inches in size to my “member”.  So YES, the secret is out! You CAN IN FACT ENLARGE YOUR PENIS PERMANENTLY!

How would you like to add three inches of extra penis size?  I hear guys talking about adding 3 inches of penis size everywhere, do you actually know what 3 inches of extra penis look like?

Sounds like a joke? Its not. And let me tell you: Those extra three inches make all the difference!

I still remember the “old days” when I’d walk into a shower or men’s locker room and be ashamed – even embarrassed. It seemed everyone else was born exceptionally endowed except me.

But now it’s different!

Now it feels as if someone handed me what I’ve always wanted. Absolute confidence!  It’s literally a DREAM COME TRUE for me and I want to share it with you! I want to show YOU how to add freakish penis size using tried and proven techniques

It’s a system that has worked for me and thousands of men like me including some very well known porn stars. It can work for you too.

With the two methods I reveal below you can gain anything from 1 – 3 inches in a couple of weeks.  And it is all natural and it works guaranteed!

“How I Gained 1,3 inches in Penis Size in Weeks”

The method I am going to explain will require determination, a strong will, dedication and a willingness to learn.  If you don’t want to give the time and effort to learn and commit yourself for about 10 minutes a day, then you are better of reading about my best advice at the end of this page.

“10 Minutes Per Day”

Penis enlargement exercises are the most effective way to enlarge your penis naturally with some amazing results.  You only need about 10 minutes per day every day for a couple of weeks to see the difference when starting with this program.

As with any exercise program, you need to be committed, patient and diligent, otherwise it won’t work.  You need to do the right exercises in the right way to experience quick growth and to see results in a couple of weeks.  This is how I started out and gained 1,3 inches.

What Are Penis Enlargement Exercises?

It’s no secret that ancient cultures around the world have been enlarging various body parts for hundreds and even thousands of years. Most of us have looked at a National Geographic Magazine and seen tribes in Africa and South America with their ears, lips, and even necks stretched to super-human proportions.

Tribes in Africa, South America, and Indonesia have also lengthened their penises for ritual purposes for centuries, often to well over a foot in length!

Using a combination of ancient techniques and modern medical knowledge, penis extension techniques – science has achieved new levels of effectiveness.

The human body has the ability to adapt to the demands of the environment, or to activities it is forced to perform often. Cells in the body will multiply to create new tissue when they are required to.

This is the principle used by orthopaedic surgeons to lengthen arms and legs, by actually ‘forcing’ the bones to grow longer. The same body principles have been used by native cultures for centuries with great success. Many body parts can be stimulated to grow this way, including the tissues of the penis.

Penis enlargement exercises use the above principle to lengthen and widen the penis. They force the cell walls within the corpus cavernosa to stretch beyond their normal operating parameters, using blood that is forced in with the hands. Using a repetitive cycle if exercises, similar to what is used for bodybuilding, the tissues are broken down and repaired many times, becoming larger and stronger each time.

Why Penis Enlargement Exercises?

Because it simply works! Because it’s the single least expensive way for men to naturally increase the size of their penis! It is also much safer than surgery!

Permanent Penis Enlargement

  •  Up to 3 inches in length
  •  2 ˝ inches in girth (circumference)

Bigger Penis Head

  •  Substantially increase the size of the head of your penis (called the Glans).

Get More Powerful Erections

  •  Rock hard erections every time

Correct Your Curvature

  •  Straighten your penis for maximum length, sexual appeal, and pleasure.
  • All of the best penis enlargement exercise techniques known
  • Exercises grouped into routines for maximum benefit
  • Techniques for reducing penile curvature
  • Instructions on normal exercises for maximum sex appeal
  • The secrets of picking up women

Control Premature Ejaculation

One of the side benefits of increased penile strength is increased control over ejaculation, making premature ejaculation a thing of the past!

By building up the supporting muscles and ligaments that keep the penis pointing up while erect, you’ll not only gain erection control, but also ejaculation control. Keep yourself under control longer for better timed, more intense orgasms. Longer erections, ejaculation control, and better quality sex – it doesn’t get much better that this!

Completely Safe

Body shaping has been performed safely and effectively for centuries, and now we gain the benefit of modern medical science to make it even safer. Furthermore, these techniques have been divided into beginners and advanced categories to give you even more safety. With these things in mind, you can rest assured that by following the program, the exercises will do their job safely and effectively.

Totally Affordable

Penis enlargement exercise is one of the most affordable ways to permanently increase your penis size.  This one-of-a-kind program allows you to totally reshape your body and still spend less money than with any other penis enlargement method known!

You Need A Trainer My Friend!

If you want to start a penis exercise program, you are going to need some guidance and a “training partner”.  I can not give you all the coaching you will need on this website.  You will need some guidance and help that goes beyond the scope of this website.

You will need to join a penis enlargement exercise program to guide you through the process.

Here you will get complete and full instruction on how to enlarge your penis through exercises.  This is the program I used to gain 1,3 inches in just 11 weeks (your results may differ) and it comes JAM PACKED with information.

When starting any type of exercises you need some sort of guidance, program, training regimen, training advice…. Same goes for penis enlargement exercises.  You need clear and proper instruction on how to do the exercises, the warm up routines, how long to do them, which methods work, which don’t and a myriad of other little things that makes a big difference in how quickly and effectively you gain penis size.

Luckily with this enlargement program there is full instructions.

You want to have a look at the Penis Advantage Enlargement Program.

But if you are looking for an even better way of enlarging your penis, then read on…..

My Dirty Little Secret

Now there is a way that you can speed up your gains and improve your results dramatically…. and get loads of extra freebies. This is what no one tells you…..

You see, it was not until I added a supplementation in the form of pills to my penis  exercise program that I started to see some serious results.

Here are my results  :

  • I had 1,25 inches growth in 27 weeks using just penis exercises.
  • I had 2,05 inches growth in just under 17 weeks once I added supplementation.

My gains took of like a rocket!  It made a considerable improvement on the speed at which I was gaining more penis length.  But even more importantly, what it did (and still does) for my libido is awesome!  My sex drive went through the roof!

I still order a bottle per month today, three years since I started.  It keeps my testosterone levels up, my juices flowing and in a almost constant mode of confidence.

What Pill Do I Use?

This penis pill has been well researched and only contains the highest natural ingredients.

It’s manufactured in one of the largest FDA approved herbal supplement manufacturing plants in the USA.  Its not made in some dingy 3rd world countrys back water factory, but right here in the United States.

I Use Vimax Pills

What Vimax Pills offer you in conjunction with their penis enhancement pill is one of the most recognized and acclaimed penis enlargement programs on the Internet.  Independent studies have shown that users of their Penis Enlargement Program have in fact achieved permanent results.  And you get free access to this member website when you order Vimax Pills.

I can vouch for this. Their program does work, especially if combined with Vimax Pills.

I have used a number of penis pills over the past three years.  I still take  Vimax Pills daily as it keeps my libido on the go, help me to gain penis size quicker when I do an exercise program, and gives me the drive to seek out female company not just for friendship purposes, but also for more intimate experiences.

As far as penis enlargement pills go, I stand 100% behind Vimax Pills as my first choice in pills.  Not just for the bonuses, but mainly because it works!

But don’t expect them to work within the first week.  I strongly recommend that you get at least a 4 month supply for best results.  The increase in testosterone that builds up in your body will DRAMATICALLY improve your size gains and libido, guaranteed.

Wanna Know The Best Part?

You get FREE access to their penis enlargement program when you order Vimax Pills! That’s it, you can save money when you order the pills.  I strongly recommend that you do not order the exercise program first / separate, since it is included in your order of pills.  This will save you a lot of money and time.

Go on, you can’t go wrong!  They offer you the best and latest in penis enlargement.  You can add inches easily by using their system of pills and exercises.  Visit the Vimax Pills website for more info.

If you are really interested in penis enlargement pills, you should read my  my review and comparison of the top selling brands.

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