Penis Enlargement Foods that Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally

Does Size Matter when it Comes to the Penis? Do you ever feel self-conscious about your sexual performance? Do you ever feel like your significant other is only faking orgasms to coddle your ego?

Do you want to have an unrivaled confidence when it comes to sex?

Many men feel inadequate on a number of levels, but you might be as small as you imagine. The average penis size is around 5.9 to 6.9 inches, and if you achieve that range, you’re not so unlucky.

You can try many different legitimate techniques to increase your penis size such as pills and patches (for temporary results), devices that lengthen and widen the penis (for permanent results), and exercise regimens that also permanently increase length and girth. Besides of these, you may ignore the most original but working diet plan of penis enlargement.

Importance of Diet Plan for Penis Enlargement

One very interesting thing about the Penis enlargement, which can be found in recent studies, is that you can have a respectable amount of penis growth with only exercise if you follow the right diet plan with it. Diet has a big role to pay in your life, with every possible aspect, and penis enlargement is not any different. A lager penis will guarantee you a satisfactory sex life and a better partner. The right diet is to be maintained regularly by you, followed by the routine exercises for penis enlargement. With the right procedures, your penis will start to become larger in four months.

The penis is made of muscles and for Penis enlargement you need that muscle to grow and gain mass which is possible with protein. The food items with protein should become the main ingredients of your regular diet. You must have eggs and milk daily in order to make the muscles larger and stronger. The blood flow of our body is the one thing that causes the erection for the penis and if you want to increase it then you need to eat a lot of green vegetables. Vegetables are the most essential food items that should be included in your diet.

Sometimes, a better sex drive can help you with a Penis enlargement at the time of erection and it can be achieved with sea food. Almost every kind of sea food helps you to become more active and charged sexually and that makes the blood rush to your penis and make it really larger than your regular erection. You can also use fatty acids to increase the blood circulation of your body for the same result. What you need is to eat fishes with omega 3 and salmon is one of the most available fishes with it. However, these are not permanent penis enlargement solutions.

If you want more permanent solution with penis enlargement using the right diet then make sure that you work on making your heart healthier. Researches show that a healthy heart is the most common thing in men who have a larger penis and fresh fruits can be helpful for this. Banana and other fruits with calcium can be helpful for you. With all these, continue the penis enlargement exercises too. The Penis enlargement is really possible with all these if you are patient and continue till you find results.

Main Foods of Penis Enlargement

Remember-Size does matter! Yes. This statement is applicable to all men residing in every corner of the world. For them, a good penis size is always a reason for confidence.

There are a large number of men who feel low because of their small penis size. In order to have that bigger and thicker penis, a man must know certain foods which help in penis enlargement, and can take a break from the regular exercise sessions, pills and other methods. Men can be sure, that they would no longer listen to complaints from their partners, for not satisfying them in bed. With a bigger penis size, he can always surprise her with amazing sex-experience!

With the Internet at hand, there is nothing for men to worry about. The World Wide Web has done wonders by introducing some foods that would help men in his attempt to penis enlargement. The great news, however, is that, all these foods are available in the local market itself, and the person need not have to look for these far and wide. He is the one, who can prepare these foods himself! There are actually five main food types which is helpful in making a man get the right penis size.

Firstly, protein rich foods work wonders, when it comes to penis enlargement. It helps to produce penile tissues. Including chicken breast in the diet will slowly show results. Additionally, other foods like fish and Omega-3 fatty acids are also helpful. Secondly, when it concerns eating healthy, how can vegetables be ruled out? Vegetables not only help to increase the size of the penis, but also contribute in the overall vitality of the health. Spinach and broccoli are some of the magic foods. These green and leafy vegetables help in enhancing blood flow.

protein rich foods

Whole-meal and vasodilator-enriched foods form the third and fourth categories for penis enlargement. Adding pasta, brown bread, rice, with some milk, eggs and liver in the diet works wonders. Apart from these, consuming beverages (the fifth category), like black tea and green tea, is a great way to get a bigger and thicker penis. These contain anti oxidants and help to restrict any illness of the penis. Men could be sure that, by including these few types of food in the daily diet, he would never be in a position to face complaints and is sure to enjoy every bit of his body!

Now, it’s your turn to achieve quality penis size, improved confidence, and a more satisfying sex life for both you and your partner.

3 Fun And Effective Ways To Warm Up the Penis Before Exercising

Warm-up properly before doing any of the exercises except PC Flex or Kegel exercise. When you work to enlarge your penis you’re working in the section of the penis called the Corpora Cavernosa. The Corpora Cavernosa as well as some other tissue fills with blood when you get an erection. The penis is just like any other part of the human body in that it must be properly warmed and primed before it is subjected to major stresses, such as intensive workouts.

Begin by shaking your penis out to make sure that it’s fairly limber. Slap it up against your leg a few times and get the blood flowing a bit. Stroke yourself to a partial erection to get some extra blood pumped in and then you can begin the warm up method of your choice.

Hot Cloth Wrap

Hot Cloth WrapAfter you’ve stretched and massaged your penis as mentioned earlier, grab a decent size washcloth. Run it under hot water until it’s completely soaked and warm to the touch and then gently wrap the washcloth around your penis and testicles. Do this in a washtub or bathroom if you can so it will be easier to wipe up the excess water from the washcloth later. You can stand and put down a towel on the floor to absorb the excess water or you can just wring out the warm washcloth really well so it doesn’t drip, it’s up to you. When you apply the warm washcloth to your penis and testicles you may feel a strange sensation. Don’t worry, you’ll soon get used to this as a warming up and cooling down method after each penile workout. The cloth cannot remain hot for very long and the urge to pull away should subside after a few seconds. Of course, if it’s actual painful to hold the cloth against yourself then it is too hot and you need to use cooler water.

Keep your now warm washcloth wrapped around your penis and testicles for another 2 to 2 1/2 minutes before removing. Run the washcloth under the hot water again and again wrap your package and hold it there for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes. Repeat this process 3-5 times. Exactly what the Hot Cloth Wrap does is super simple. It prepares your penis for the rigors of the upcoming workout by loosening up the tissues inside the penis and allowing the blood to flow more freely. Doing a warm-up such as this will help with penis growth and size over time because the cells, tissues, and spaces for blood in the Corpora Cavernosa will be much more ready to be stretched and expanded after the warmth of the washcloth. Also, a proper warm up will ensure that you get the absolute minimum of bruising and/or temporary red dots appearing on your penis after the workout. You obviously don’t want to ever hurt yourself so warming up before any penile fitness workout is highly recommended.



The Hot Cloth Wrap isn’t the only way to prepare your body for an intensive workout session. Another great way is to jump into a hot-tub/Jacuzzi or a standard bathroom’s bathtub. Be sure that you’ve submerged all of your penis and testicles though. Also, if you’re using a Jacuzzi or hot tub be sure to turn the heat up to somewhere to over 100 degrees, hotter than the normal luke-warm temperature of bathwater. While in the water massage your penis a bit with your fingers, helping stretch it out gently. You don’t have to stay in the water all that long, just 8-10 minutes or so. Please be aware that very warm water tends to make people very relaxed and tired so don’t let yourself fall asleep.

Thick Sweat Sock

Thick Sweat SockStart by taking a clean, thick sweat sock and fill it slightly more than half full with uncooked rice. Place it in a microwave at a time and power setting to warm the rice up to a hot but comfortable to touch level. Take this easy and learn how much time at what setting is right for your microwave.

Do NOT simply stick your hand or penis into the sock without carefully testing the temperature first. Once the rice has reached a desirable temperature simply insert your semi-erect penis into the sock and hold it there for 8-10 minutes.

If you want to see Advanced Penis Exercises for improving your size, read this hugely popular guide with over 2,500,000 views called: How To Make Your Penis Bigger Fast With Your Hands [Advanced Penis Exercises]

How To Make Your Penis Bigger Fast With Your Hands [Advanced Penis Exercises]

You, have a small or average penis ? Feel ashamed? Try to avoid sexual encounters?

If you want the fastest way to make your penis bigger

Penis size, penis size! Men give it so much importance.

Men are asking every time… “Is Penis Size Important?” It may depend on what specifically the penis is used for. Many women prefer large ones for oral sex, medium ones for vaginal sex, and small ones for anal sex. Which begs us to ask another question…. “Is penis size more important to you or to your lover”?

The best observation we’ve found comes from J. Scott Verinis, writing in “Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality”. He indicates that penis size initially matters to both the male and the female. “However, as the relationship progresses, the size of the penis becomes less important to most women, and factors such as the quality of sexual performance and the nature of the interpersonal relationship receive higher priority.”

Besides, What is the average penis length?

So many charts and graphs looked through, so many reports and studies read… and still don’t have the definitive answer to the question.

But what we do know about penis size is following:

  • When erect, the average man’s penis is only 5.6 – 6 inches in length
  • Most men, approximately 90% are of average penis size.
  • The average man will loose half an inch of penis length by the age of 50.
  • Over 95% of men have a smaller and under developed penis than what is possible for them.
  • Most women need only the first few inches of the penis for satisfaction.


“Yes, I know …” you’ll say, “But average size is not enough for me! My Ultimate Goal is 7 inches.”

Well, since you come here to find ways to make your penis bigger fast with hands. In the next few minutes I will  show you the most effective dick exercises that need nothing but your two hands and never let your partner seem to be disappointed anymore…

I Can Increase Penis Size With My Hands!

It sounds ridiculous for sure.

As well as any of the other things you might have heard of, penis size is unrelated to height; hand, feet or nose size.

Penis size is sort of like nose size — there are many very tall men with small noses and very short men with enormous ones. In reality, penis size is even less related to height than noses are. Only the hereditary factors of human being determine the penis size.

In fact, Your penis is no different from any other part of your body, if it’s not constantly being stimulated, challenged or exercised, it will become weaker and weaker over time. This is similar to the “Use it or lose it”.

The average man by the time he is near his 50’s has lost about half an inch in length compared to when he was in his 20’s. This doesn’t have to happen. Because most men don’t exercise their penises short of the usual sexual romp, they lose what they have as they age.

You don’t have to lose anything as you age, and can actually make your penis bigger fast with your hands. Doing the penis enlargement exercises you can keep your penis in super shape, preventing any deterioration or loss of stamina and potency over time. AND you can GAIN! That part is almost unbelievable but it is quite true.

The Length Stretch is just what it sounds like, a simple stretching exercise to lengthen your penis more than it ordinarily would be by stretching the central tissues of your penis in a gentle and low impact manner.

Perform a Length Stretch Using Hands

Regular Length Stretching program

As always first warm up completely before performing any exercise. Be sure to always stretch while limp since it’s the most efficient way to see gains. Besides, it’s a bit hard trying to stretch a full erection. If you find that you’re getting an erection as you perform the Length Stretch simply stop for a moment and let the erection subside before continuing.

Be sure that your penis is completely limp. Grab the head, not tightly or in a pinch, but with enough pressure so you can hold on to it with a reasonably firm grip. Proceed to pull your penis directly out in front of you. You should begin to feel the stretch near the base and middle areas of your penis. Keep holding this stretch for 10-15 seconds, release, and then do it again 3-4 more times. Relax your grip on the head and gently massage your penis to restore circulation to the areas that have been strained.

Now, carefully grab the head again with just enough pressure to be able to hold it without losing your grip and pull your penis to your far right. Do this until you can feel a stretch on the left side of your penis base. You might notice the skin there becoming very tight. Keep holding this way for 10-15 seconds and then do it again 3-4 more times. Relax your grip again on the penis head and gently massage the penis to restore blood flow as you did before.

Now grab your penis head again and do the same as you did before, only now pull it to the left instead of the right.  You will feel quite stretched once you’ve completed this exercise and you will probably already notice your penis hanging lower than before. Performing this exercise several times a day can train your penis not to draw up close to your body and appear smaller than it really is.

You should stay with this stretching plan for a good 1-2 months’ time before you go on to the advanced method of stretching. This will allow your penis to become accustomed to being stretched and will greatly reduce the chance of pain from the advanced techniques.

Length Stretching, With a Twist

Please be SURE to do at least 1 month or more of the regular Length Stretching program above before proceeding with this program. 

Begin the same as before, by taking your limp penis and grab around the head with a firm but not painful hold. Pull your penis directly out in front of you as you feel the stretch. You should feel the stretch near the base and middle of your penis. Keep holding this stretch for 10-15 seconds and then do it again 3-4 more times. Relax your grip on the head and gently massage your penis to restore circulation to where you’ve been grasping. Repeat this process while stretching to the left, right, down, and up.

Now grab your penis by the head and gently pull it out in front of you again. Now that it’s stretched out in front of you rotate your penis in a clock like or circular motion to the right. Be sure not to twist your penis, simply rotate it gently in a circular motion. Concentrate on the stretch as you rotate it. Visualize your penis gradually stretching longer and longer and focus on your breathing. Keep rotating it until you reach the point of discomfort and then gently allow it to return to normal.

Do this 30-40 times and then rest for a bit before doing another set of 30-40 rotations. You should shoot for doing 3-4 sets total. When you’re done simply relax your grip on the head again as before and gently massage the penis to restore circulation to the head where you have been grasping. Now perform the same circular stretching technique you did before only now go to the left instead of the right. Follow the exact same number of rotations and sets as you did to the right.

Advanced Exercises To Make Your Penis Bigger Fast With Your Hands

Use these exercises at the risk of being more than your partner can handle. 

How to Perform a Tension Stretch

You can stand or sit on hair, but this exercise seems to get the best results when done in a sitting position.

Tension Stretching

Step 1: Start by grasping your penis firmly behind the head.

Step 2: Then wrap your other hand around the first for extra support. Slowly pull forward as you lean backwards.

Step 3: Once you’ve achieved the maximum amount of tension that you can tolerate hold it for 10 seconds.

Step 4: Release your grip on your penis, rest for a bit, and then do it again. Try to do a total of 10 repetitions of this exercise.

You may also want to experiment with different directions of stretching to see which one is best for you. Some men prefer upwards, some down, some straight ahead, and some to the sides.

If you do prefer to do this exercise to the sides be sure and do an equal amount of Tension Stretches to the left and the right. Otherwise you might stretch your penis too far in one direction and start to notice it hanging oddly. The best way to do this is to stretch a bit in each direction possible. This will give you the most uniform gains.

Combining the Tension Stretch with the Jelqing and other exercises can make your penis bigger faster.

How to Perform a Girth Squeeze

Begin by positioning one hand at the base of your penis and the other just behind the head while you have a partial erection. Place both hands in the classic Jelq pose and then squeeze.

Girth Squeeze

Your penis should quickly begin to look very swollen and veiny. Hold this for about 5 seconds and then release. Do about 50 reps a day. This exercise really forces your penis to expand outwards and can be very effective in increasing girth.

How to Perform a Leg Tuck Pull

This exercise will loosen up some of the connective tissues inside your body that hold your penis in place. These are the same fibers that surgeons purposely sever to complete penis enlargement operations. As long as you go gently and slowly you’ll be fine.

While lying on your back, grasp your semi-erect penis in a Jelq grip and pull it gently towards your feet. As the tensions builds SLOWLY try to raise your knees to your abdomen. This will produce a stretch unlike any you have ever experienced that should only be held for a very short while.

It is EXTREMELY important to go SLOWLY with all these exercises and this one is no exception. Release your penis and lower your legs to relieve the pressure. We recommend doing between 10 and 20 reps of this exercise to start out and add more as you see fit.

How to Perform a Slow Crank

This is a very simple yet effective exercise that many men find useful because of the way it evenly stretches everything. While standing, grasp your flaccid penis firmly by the shaft. Proceed to “crank” it in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Notice the name of this exercise. It’s very important that each complete revolution should take a minimum of 6 seconds to complete so go SLOW. You shouldn’t feel that you have to speed through this exercise, nor any of the exercises in our entire Program for that matter. Feel free to switch hands to prevent fatigue and shoot for 100-200 complete revolutions. This will stretch all the ligaments that attach your penis to your pubic area and can go a long way in making your penis hang lower at all times.

How to Perform a Ruler Stretch

This is a fun one that you can use to challenge yourself and to gauge your progress. Start by placing any kind of ruler except one with metal edges next to your penis. We’ve found that many men’s genitals line up directly with the top of bathroom counter tops so this would be a good place to lay the ruler and lean up against, resting your penis on. If you do have the ruler touching your abdomen use a thin washcloth or something to protect yourself.

While you’re completely flaccid grasp the very base of your penis with one hand and use it to make sure it’s lined up with the end of the ruler. With your other hand, grasp the head of your penis and gently extend it outwards ahead of you. Once you’ve stretched your penis as far as it will go hold for a count of 10 seconds and look at where you’re maxing out on the ruler. Do this 10 or 20 times maybe once every month or so.

You should notice that the maximum length you can attain by stretching yourself while flaccid is very close to the maximum length of your erections. It’s plain to see why. Each tiny amount you can gain in your length by stretching is probably going to directly translate to gains in your length while erect.

With Your Hands You Can Make Your Dick Thick

Most men automatically equate having a larger penis to gaining length. Most women would rather see more girth in their lover’s penis than length. When it comes down to the actual sex thickness usually matters more.

Woman’s vagina simply doesn’t have very many nerves deep inside. Think about the difference in sensations between a touch to the head of your penis and one placed halfway down the shaft. The head is much, much more sensitive, right?

The same is true for the immediate interior of a woman’s vagina vs. the areas deeper inside (with the obvious exception of her g-spot). Not only that, but the typical vagina is less than 6 inches in depth so unless the woman really likes to feel you boring into her extra length isn’t really the most effective way to add to her pleasure.

By adding girth instead you will provide a much tighter fit and will rub more effectively against the more sensitive areas of her vagina. On an aesthetic note you will also have a much more muscular looking penis than simply a long, thin one.

Penile Slap To Make Your Penis Bigger Fast

This exercise is very simple & effective. With your penis in a semi-erect state, grasp the base of your penis using the first two fingers and thumb of one hand. Use the second hand to cup your testes (for protection). Proceed to shake your penis up and down, making sure to slap your penis against your belly/pubis for each shake. Each slap equals one repetition.

Start with 200-300 repetitions and work up to 2000-3000, 3 times a week. This is not as daunting as it sounds considering that you can perform 2-3 repetitions per second. At this rate you obviously won’t be able to keep perfect count of the reps so it’s best to go by time spent.

At your maximum rate you’ll probably want to be doing this for 15 minutes for each session. You’ll probably want to switch hands several times to you don’t wear one out too much. This exercise can be performed as a part of your warm up, cool down, or by itself as your main girth exercise. This exercise can also aid in length and benefit the overall health of your penis by forcing proper circulation.

 The Bottom Line

Frankly, if the prospect of penile exercise doesn’t grab you, the only reason might be that It does take some dedication and time. You will have to invest some of your time and effort in order to make your penis bigger with your hands. Besides, Many men are quite lazy to train their penis.

However, it has been show that 5 minutes per day is enough for a longer, thicker and better looking penis. You do not have to be sorry about those 5 minutes a day you will spend for exercises. The result will be your compensation. Success with women, self-confidence and moral satisfaction, highest level of sex pleasure. The girls will appreciate you much more as a lover; will be willing to make love with you and only with you.

Besides gain in penis size, you will be able to control your ejaculation, you will have more orgasms, orgasms will come stronger, and you will be able to have sex up to 2-3 times longer than usually. You will get rid of all problems with your penis!

Well, you will make your penis what you want it to be. The Nature gives us this possibility – the structure of penis is designed to be able to grow, depending on necessities of man. Primarily, our penis is not fit, the level of penis development varies from man to man, but the structure is same. Applying minimal efforts, you will be able to get rid of all disadvantages of your penis that are now affecting your sexual life. Try to understand, that the most important is to act with enough patience. Please Note that this penis exercise guide does not detail everything you need to know. If you want to choose a professional guide book, I recommend you choose PE Bible.

How To Get a Bigger Penis (3 inches)

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“How I Gained 1,3 inches in Penis Size in Weeks”

The method I am going to explain will require determination, a strong will, dedication and a willingness to learn.  If you don’t want to give the time and effort to learn and commit yourself for about 10 minutes a day, then you are better of reading about my best advice at the end of this page.

“10 Minutes Per Day”

Penis enlargement exercises are the most effective way to enlarge your penis naturally with some amazing results.  You only need about 10 minutes per day every day for a couple of weeks to see the difference when starting with this program.

As with any exercise program, you need to be committed, patient and diligent, otherwise it won’t work.  You need to do the right exercises in the right way to experience quick growth and to see results in a couple of weeks.  This is how I started out and gained 1,3 inches.

What Are Penis Enlargement Exercises?

It’s no secret that ancient cultures around the world have been enlarging various body parts for hundreds and even thousands of years. Most of us have looked at a National Geographic Magazine and seen tribes in Africa and South America with their ears, lips, and even necks stretched to super-human proportions.

Tribes in Africa, South America, and Indonesia have also lengthened their penises for ritual purposes for centuries, often to well over a foot in length!

Using a combination of ancient techniques and modern medical knowledge, penis extension techniques – science has achieved new levels of effectiveness.

The human body has the ability to adapt to the demands of the environment, or to activities it is forced to perform often. Cells in the body will multiply to create new tissue when they are required to.

This is the principle used by orthopaedic surgeons to lengthen arms and legs, by actually ‘forcing’ the bones to grow longer. The same body principles have been used by native cultures for centuries with great success. Many body parts can be stimulated to grow this way, including the tissues of the penis.

Penis enlargement exercises use the above principle to lengthen and widen the penis. They force the cell walls within the corpus cavernosa to stretch beyond their normal operating parameters, using blood that is forced in with the hands. Using a repetitive cycle if exercises, similar to what is used for bodybuilding, the tissues are broken down and repaired many times, becoming larger and stronger each time.

Why Penis Enlargement Exercises?

Because it simply works! Because it’s the single least expensive way for men to naturally increase the size of their penis! It is also much safer than surgery!

Permanent Penis Enlargement

  •  Up to 3 inches in length
  •  2 ˝ inches in girth (circumference)

Bigger Penis Head

  •  Substantially increase the size of the head of your penis (called the Glans).

Get More Powerful Erections

  •  Rock hard erections every time

Correct Your Curvature

  •  Straighten your penis for maximum length, sexual appeal, and pleasure.
  • All of the best penis enlargement exercise techniques known
  • Exercises grouped into routines for maximum benefit
  • Techniques for reducing penile curvature
  • Instructions on normal exercises for maximum sex appeal
  • The secrets of picking up women

Control Premature Ejaculation

One of the side benefits of increased penile strength is increased control over ejaculation, making premature ejaculation a thing of the past!

By building up the supporting muscles and ligaments that keep the penis pointing up while erect, you’ll not only gain erection control, but also ejaculation control. Keep yourself under control longer for better timed, more intense orgasms. Longer erections, ejaculation control, and better quality sex – it doesn’t get much better that this!

Completely Safe

Body shaping has been performed safely and effectively for centuries, and now we gain the benefit of modern medical science to make it even safer. Furthermore, these techniques have been divided into beginners and advanced categories to give you even more safety. With these things in mind, you can rest assured that by following the program, the exercises will do their job safely and effectively.

Totally Affordable

Penis enlargement exercise is one of the most affordable ways to permanently increase your penis size.  This one-of-a-kind program allows you to totally reshape your body and still spend less money than with any other penis enlargement method known!

You Need A Trainer My Friend!

If you want to start a penis exercise program, you are going to need some guidance and a “training partner”.  I can not give you all the coaching you will need on this website.  You will need some guidance and help that goes beyond the scope of this website.

You will need to join a penis enlargement exercise program to guide you through the process.

Here you will get complete and full instruction on how to enlarge your penis through exercises.  This is the program I used to gain 1,3 inches in just 11 weeks (your results may differ) and it comes JAM PACKED with information.

When starting any type of exercises you need some sort of guidance, program, training regimen, training advice…. Same goes for penis enlargement exercises.  You need clear and proper instruction on how to do the exercises, the warm up routines, how long to do them, which methods work, which don’t and a myriad of other little things that makes a big difference in how quickly and effectively you gain penis size.

Luckily with this enlargement program there is full instructions.

You want to have a look at the Penis Advantage Enlargement Program.

But if you are looking for an even better way of enlarging your penis, then read on…..

My Dirty Little Secret

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You see, it was not until I added a supplementation in the form of pills to my penis  exercise program that I started to see some serious results.

Here are my results  :

  • I had 1,25 inches growth in 27 weeks using just penis exercises.
  • I had 2,05 inches growth in just under 17 weeks once I added supplementation.

My gains took of like a rocket!  It made a considerable improvement on the speed at which I was gaining more penis length.  But even more importantly, what it did (and still does) for my libido is awesome!  My sex drive went through the roof!

I still order a bottle per month today, three years since I started.  It keeps my testosterone levels up, my juices flowing and in a almost constant mode of confidence.

What Pill Do I Use?

This penis pill has been well researched and only contains the highest natural ingredients.

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The Honest Truth About Penis Pumps

The short answer ; Yes.   The long answer ; No.  Penis pumps enlarge your penis by using a vacuum around the penis to make more blood flow into the penis.  You get the same effect when you have a very strong erection.  This is however only temporary and is mostly used for men with impotence.

The facts, however, are that pumps are used by men who suffer from chronic insulin dependent diabetes or circulatory disorders (which is why even Medicare will cover their cost).  Men with these conditions have such poor blood circulation due to their sugar metabolism, that they can’t even get the blood flowing into the area. What the pump does for these men is stretch the skin and underlying tissues, allowing them to clamp off the blood flow and consequently trap it in their penis. With the clamp firmly in place, they can briefly have sex.

Pumps are of greatest benefit when the penis is already erect or when you are not achieving a full erection.  The enlargement effect however is not long lasting and will disappear quickly once pumping ceases and you have to use a ring to keep the blood pumped into the penis, in the penis.

Note Here : penis pumps can be dangerous if not used correctly and if the wrong type of penis pump is used, so use carefully and ensure that whatever pump you use has a reliable pressure gauge and that you follow the instructions closely.   Some men find that after using a penis pump for a period of time, the only way they would be able to obtain an erection is with the pump.

Reports on the damage that penis pumps can cause are rampant. Using the wrong vacuum pump and using it too often can burst blood vessels in the penis, peel skin and cause general pain and soreness.


They also tend to thin out the penis. This makes the penis very weak and erections that don’t last long if at all. There are cases of penis pumps even deforming the penis.

The University of Maryland only advises using penis pumps for impotence treatment.  So if you are really having trouble to achieve an erection then you can look into this method.