Natural Penis Enlargement takes effort and patience. If you put in a consistent effort it’s definitely possible to gain at least an inch within the next two months. One of the most important things to remember is that you should never try and force the exercises past your limits. You don’t want to cause any injury. Just be patient and the results will come over time.

It’s absolutely critical that you read this guide from start to finish so you completely understand every aspect of penis enlargement. Take your time and don’t over work yourself. So far none of my readers have reported any injury. But keep in mind that it does happen. I’ve heard of others being
injured that used other programs or guides. If you exercise safely and gently you shouldn’t have any troubles.

How Does Penis Enlargement Work?

Penis enlargement is achieved through 3 types of exercises. Some are for length, some for girth, and others address both.

Here are the 3 ways that penis enlargement can be achieved.

1,The suspensory ligament connects the penis to the body. It’s located right above your penis at the base of the shaft This ligament can be stretched, which will allow more of the hidden part of your penis to hang out. This type of exercise is exclusively for length gains.

2,The Tunica is the thin elastic layer that surrounds the outer Corpora Cavernosa. Because of the Tunica’s elasticity it can be slowly stretched over time. This will allow the Corpora Cavernosa to also expand in size as it’s
blood capacity increases. This type works for both length and girth.

3,The Corpora Cavernosa accounts for the majority of penis size. It’s the two main chambers that are separated by the urethra in the middle. These chambers are what expand and hold blood during an erection. The cells and blood chambers here will expand to grow bigger and stronger if forced to adapt. These types of exercises are mainly for girth but may also produce some results in length.

Safety First

Being safe when performing enlargement exercises is important. I hope I didn’t scare you with the medical disclaimer, but it’s necessary both legally and actually. Nobody has ever reported to me of serious injury so I’m sure you’ll be fine.

The most common side affect is burst capillaries that are about the size of a grain of sand. They appear as a tiny red spot. They’re usually harmless and will fade away in a few days. They appear because the exercises force more blood into the penis than usual. It bursts the cell walls, where bigger and stronger new cells are regenerated. These spots appear more often in the beginning stages because your penis is not used to the exercising. If these spots appear in large volumes (more than 5) you should give yourself a couple days off from exercising until they fade away. If you ever experience any persisting spots or pain make sure to see your doctor again.

Even if you’re not sore from the exercises you should always allow two days per week for a break. Don’t do any exercising during these days. This is to allow proper healing of the penis and regeneration of cells. If your penis or any surrounding areas feel strained or sore in any way take some days off until it feels better. Overdoing the exercises or continuing to exercise when you’re sore is what leads to serious injury. Be gentle with yourself!

Prep Work

Before you begin there are a few preparations to make.

Most of the exercises require lubricant. You can get some at the local store or from an online supplier. I list some suppliers in the resources

If you got long pubic hair around the base of your penis it may cause irritation when performing the exercises. I recommend
trimming it to 1/4 inch or less.

Measure your length and girth right now so you can notice your gains in the future and determine what exercises are the most effective
for you.

Tell yourself right now you will set up a routine and dedicate the time it takes to achieve real results. Inconsistency with the exercises will give you nothing. You need to understand that safe penis enlargement is a long slow process.

Think about it, would it seem natural and safe for your penis to grow 3-4 inches in a month like those pill companies claim? No, it’s not possible.
3-4 inches will take 2-5 years if it’s even achievable in your case. (but it has been done)

Make sure you understand the exercises before attempting them at full scale.

Beginner Exercises

Your first two weeks will consist of basic exercises that are designed to lay the foundation for the growing process. They will get your penis developed
and strong enough to handle the more advanced exercises.

As much as you might want to move on, make sure to stick to the beginner plan before advancing. Again this is for safety reasons.

There are basically two types of exercises you can perform during these initial two weeks. These will be wet jelqing and basic stretching exercises.

Wet jelqing mainly increases girth, but will help with length as well. It’s an exercise you should continue to practice even when you become an advanced user.

Wet jelqing step by step:

  1. You will need lubricant for this exercise. Lube both your hands and your penis. It’s important that you maintain a 20-40% erection at all times during this exercise. More or less will either cause injury or it won’t be effective.
  2. Now make a circle with your thumb and forefinger around the base of your penis. The other three fingers
    should be facing away from your body. It’s kind of like reversing masturbation. Have a firm grip, but don’t strangle yourself.
  3. Now with a firm grip, slide your way down to where the shaft meets the head. Make your stoke last 2 seconds. Instead of simply sliding
    across the shaft like masturbation, you will need to get a firm grip and slowly slide down it. This will force the blood through the penis in quantities it’s not use to, resulting in a size increase over time.
  4. After you complete a stroke, take your other hand and repeat the same process. Your other hand should be ready to go right after the current hand is finished. It’s kind of like milking a cow.

Basic Stretching

The best way to increase penis length is by doing various stretching exercises. Throughout your first two weeks you’ll want to stick with some basic stretches. Beginners usually experience slight pain and discomfort after the first couple sessions. This is normal; your penis is not used to being stretched.

The beginner stretch is similar to the warm up stretch.

  1. This exercise is done with a COMPLETELY flaccid (limp) penis. It doesn’t require lube.
  2. Grip right below the Glans (head) of your penis, just like the warm up exercise. It doesn’t need to be extremely firm, just enough to keep it held in place.
  3. Gently pull your penis straight outwards until you feel a little tension. Hold it stretched for 10 seconds. Make sure your PC and BC muscles
    remain relaxed throughout the stretch. Contracting them can cause pain or injury. If you feel any pain you’re pulling to hard.
  4. After the stretch, gently slap your penis against your thigh to get the blood flowing again.
  5. Do the same 10 second stretch again except this time pull downwards. Follow with another thigh slap.
  6. Again do the 10 second stretch except this time go left and then right. It doesn’t matter what order. Follow each with a thigh slap to keep the
    blood flowing and to keep loose.
  7. The last 10 second stretch should be pulled upwards. It’s the most sensitive direction to stretch, which is why it goes last. Be careful not
    to stretch to hard on this last one or you may injure yourself.

Advanced Length Exercises

Do not attempt advanced exercises until you’ve done at least two weeks of beginner exercises.

You don’t need to perform all of these exercises. Test each one and see what works best over time.

The Advanced Stretch

I’ll talk about this exercise first. It’s basically the same stretches you did as a beginner except this time you’re more aggressive.

  1. Do the exact same thing you did in the beginning stretches.
  2. This time hold for 15 seconds and be considerably firmer when stretching. You should be able to handle firmer stretching by now. Still, be careful. If you feel any serious pain lay off.

The Railslide

The Railslide is one of my favorite length exercises. It’s effective and at the same time not very time consuming. It’s goal is to stretch the Tunica.

  1. Get your penis and main hand lubed up. Penis must be flaccid.
  2. With one hand make a fist with your thumb pointed out, as pictured below.
  3. Use the other hand to hold the head of your penis up, pull it slightly upwards and hold it there firmly.
  4. Take your “fisted thumb” and place it firmly over the base of your penis as pictured below.
  5. Starting at the base, push firmly across the shaft with your thumb in a downward motion. The penis should bend as you do this because you’re holding it up with the other hand.

Targeted Stretch

This next exercise is more intense and focuses on
stretching the Tunica in three sections.

  1. This exercise works better with lube but it’s not required. Your penis needs to be kept flaccid. Keep your PC/BC muscles relaxed.
  2. Grip the head and pull the penis outwards with one hand.
  3. Now take your forefinger of your other hand (some prefer a pen or pencil), and place it below your penis about 1/3 of its length. Now bend the remaining 2/3 of your penis over your finger.
  4. Hold it bent for 10 seconds then release. Slap your penis against your thigh to get the blood flowing again.
  5. Now this time place your forefinger on top of your penis 1/3 the length and bend it over. Do another thigh slap.
  6. After completing each stretch both up and down you can repeat the same process at 2/3 the length, and about 1/2 inch below the Glans.

The black dot is your forefinger or “bar’ of choice. Place the bar below the penis about 1/3 of the length and bend the penis over it, hold for 10 seconds. Then do the same thing except place the bar on top and bend it over that way. (not pictured)
Then do the same thing at 2/3…

Then again at full length about 1/2 inch before the shaft meets the head.

Super Stretch

This is another tunica stretch. It’s aimed at
stretching the base of the tunica, increasing length
and giving your penis a stronger support system.

  1. I don’t use lube for this exercise but some people prefer to. Do what feels comfortable to you. Your penis needs to be flaccid. Make sure
    to keep the PC/BC relaxed.
  2. With one hand hold your penis upwards.
  3. With the other hand use the inner arch of your thumb to press down on the base of your penis. Feel the stretch and hold it for 15 seconds.
    Make sure when pressing down that you do so downwards & outwards. See picture below.

The Gainer

The Gainer is designed to stretch and strengthen the main suspensory ligament attached to the top of the penis where it meets the body. It also stretches the tunica. Stretching this ligament allows some of the
hidden penis to hang out. This is probably the best exercise for length. Ligament stretching can only go so far though, after about 6 months you’ll have to rely on tunica stretches if you want to see any more gains. You can usually get 1/2 to 1.5 inch gains from ligament stretching, depending on the person.

This exercise is easy. It must be done flaccid.

  1. Stand up. Raise one leg up to a coffee table, end of a couch, or something 2-4 feet off the ground.
  2. Take your hand and reach below the leg that’s
  3. Grip right below the Glans (head) with that hand. Make sure you’re gripping the unit and not the skin.
  4. Then gently pull/stretch your unit underneath towards your rear.
  5. Pull it enough so that you feel the ligament stretch, but don’t yank to hard or else it will hurt and be painful for a few days. As you advance
    through the weeks you’ll be able to stretch harder.
  6. Hold the stretch for 10-30 seconds depending how advanced you are.
  7. Do 5-20 stretches depending on what feels within your limits.

Advanced Girth Exercises

Flex & Hold

The flex and hold is my favorite exercise for girth.
It’s basic but still very effective. This is a good
exercise to do after jelqing.

  1. Get a full erection. No lube is needed.
  2. With an erection flex the BC muscle so the penis and head fill with even more blood. You’ll notice your erection get’s harder and slightly thicker.
  3. After it’s fully flexed, grip the base of your penis with an O.K. symbol so the blood stays trapped. Hold for 10 seconds then release.
  4. Wave your penis around to get the blood flowing again.
  5. Allow at least a 10 second break, and then repeat.

Be careful when doing this exercise. If you over do yourself you may burst a serious blood vessel, vein, or capillary. However, it’s normal to see tiny blood spots, after all what you’re doing is bursting cells so bigger stronger new ones take their place. Make sure you don’t squeeze the BC to hard or grip to hard for long. You have an erection in this exercise so you have to be careful.

Filling your penis with more blood than it’s used to is the best way to increase girth. The Flex & Hold is an easy way to send a surge of blood and hold it there. Wet jelqing is also very effective for girth.

The Squeeze

  1. Get a 50% erection.
  2. Flex the BC so your head expands and fills with
    blood. Try not to let your erection get over 50%.
  3. Once your head is at max size, grasp the base of
    your penis to trap the blood.
  4. Now with your other hand, gently squeeze your
    flexed head. When you do this the blood in the
    head will then rush to the shaft and expand it.

This exercise can be dangerous if you squeeze your head too much. Be gentle and don’t squeeze so hard that it hurts. This exercise is not necessary; it’s just an alternative that some people prefer over the flex and hold.

Wet jelqing will increase girth

Wet jelqing, though classified as a beginner exercise here, is still very effective for increasing girth and should be continued throughout your advanced stages. If increasing girth is your main goal than jelqing is a must.


Gently massage your penis with warm water after exercising using your fingertips or a cloth. Massaging the penis can help in the healing and regeneration process. It can also give you faster results and it helps improve the effectiveness of the girth exercises.

Final Thought

Natural penis enlargement is definitely possible, but you need to put in a solid effort and be dedicated to the time it takes. Most importantly, you need to be consistent. Forgetting to do the exercises every other week won’t cut it.

Have patience and always remember to be safe. Know your limits and design an exercise routine that fit’s your needs. Good luck.

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